Victoria Nurse Ballbusting - Final Visit

This is Nurse Victoria's Final visit to her latest patient. Remember, her patient has suffered severe testicular trauma and her treatments are the only way for him to recover. This time Victoria does not start out with an exam. Instead she makes her patient get up right away and take his treatment. About midway through the treatment she makes him take off all his clothes. Then the serious kicking starts. Even when her patient is forced to the ground because of the pain, she continues her treatment. She uses her hot black pumps to stomp and kick his balls with some of the hardest ball bashing kicks we have seen and heard in a while. She finishes her treatment with her up close testicle examination that ends with a very hard squeeze to her patient's balls.

Features: Ballbusting, CFNM, Groin Kicking, Groin Kneeing, Groin Stomping, Hard Groin Grabing and Twisting, Testicle Examination

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